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    Mini Pupper 2 Review ROS2 Robot Kit Full Information

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    Mini Pupper 2 Quick Information

    • Make AI robots considerably more accessible to hobbyists, educators, and others.
    • Raspberry Pi
    • ROS 2
    • Arduino (ESP32)
    • OpenCV
    • Official Product Listing : Kickstarter
    • Project End On : Saturday December 10th, 2022 11:00pm

    Mini Pupper 2 Product Video

    Video Credit: MangDang / Kickstarter

    Mini Pupper 2 Features

    Mini Pupper 2

    Our first robot product, Mini Pupper, was successfully launched last year. It helped us to connect with thousands of robot lovers, bringing joy and excitement to our valued supporters.

    Gif Image Credit : MangDang – Kickstarter


    Our new robot can respond to its environment considerably more intelligently because to an upgraded servo system that is built inside it. The dog further supports ROS2 and Arduino in addition to ROS1 and Raspberry Pi (ESP32).

    Custom Legged Servo

    The moment has come to advance this year. We have enhanced the potent Mini Pupper servo we created last year and added a number of helpful features. Position feedback is available on the Mini Pupper 2 servo, while position, velocity, and torque feedback is available on the Mini Pupper 2 Pro.

    A powerful MCU is used to perform the low-level servo algorithm separately. For the new Mini Pupper, these are the genuine bespoke smart servo. We’re confident that our newest Mini Puppers will astound you once more.

    Each leg is controlled by a potent MCU (with three servos), thus there are four different MCUs to implement the position, velocity, and torque feedback. The first iteration of the MCU servo control board for feature assessment is shown in the photo below; the finished product will be significantly more compact.

    Mini Pupper 2 show on ROSC on 2022

    Video Credit: MangDang – Youtube

    More Information

    Friends, to get complete information about this product, you have to go to the official website whose link is given below. Where you will get detailed information about it.

    Friends, we share reviews and information about new products coming in the future. So stay connected with us and keep getting the right information.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is a Mini Pupper?

      The first open-source robot dog that supports ROS navigation, SLAM, and OpenCV AI features is called Mini Pupper, which was inspired by Stanford Pupper. As Stanford Pupper’s seller, we have gained a lot of knowledge about the construction of robots and the features that users want.

    2. How can I add mini pupper 2 upgrade components to my mini pupper 2 pro pledge?

      In the rewards, please pick the “MP2 Upgrade parts+MP2 Pro pre-assembled” option.

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